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Swingers Club

A swingers club is where single women and couples can go, mix with each other, have fun, and make love with other couples.

Amsterdam Escorts 4 U can take you to some of the best and hottest swingers clubs in The Netherlands, where you can let your hair down, drink away to glory, and spend a wondrous night in the company of some of the most gorgeous escort girls and the most alluring couples from all over the world.

People who have always wanted to step into a swingers club should call us for a grand experience. We are the experts and we will take you on a joyride to the topmost swingers clubs in the city and ensure that you have the best time of your life! You will be happy to know that Amsterdam Escorts 4 U has agreements with numerous swingers clubs in Holland, which will ensure a smooth and hassle free entry into these clubs.

So what do swingers clubs offer that other clubs don’t? Well, there are many things, but the most unique and most attractive feature is that you get to meet other attractive and elegant couples who are looking for different partners to have sex with. Some clubs allow couples to engage in sexual acts in the clubs itself, while a few others only allow couples to get acquainted with each other. But such ‘off-premises’ swingers clubs are limited in number.

There is a general misconception that other couples will hit on you and grab your ass the moment you enter a swingers club. Well this is simply not true! All the couples who come to these clubs are normal, well-mannered, and polite people. Everyone follows the primary rule of swingers clubs, i.e., a no means a no.

Swingers clubs typically have a bar, a dance area, live music or a DJ, many play rooms, a few private rooms, and some common rooms. The rooms are where couples can engage in sexual acts. Some couples may opt only for foreplay, while others may go the entire way! Top quality condoms are made available by the clubs, but the option to use them rests with the patrons.

Couples need to become members of the swingers club before getting entry. There is also an entrance fee. Clients of Amsterdam Escorts 4 U need not worry about that as we will take care of it. All you need to do is get prepared for a night of revelry and sexual ecstasy.

Two of the best swingers clubs in Amsterdam are Fun 4 Two and Fata-Morgana. In fact in the year 1999, the former was voted as the best swingers club in all of Europe on a show telecast on the German TV channel RTL.

Fun 4 Two is located towards the west of Holland in a marvelous old farmhouse. The amazing architecture of the mansion is well-complimented by the surreal and spacious garden as well as the ample foliage provided by the numerous trees that surround it.

Fata-Morgana is an exotic and erotic paradise also situated in a gorgeous farmhouse near Amsterdam. It plays host to every kind of couple, from experienced swingers to beautiful novices.