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Everyone likes to travel in the company of loved ones or friends. Travelling alone is nearly not as much fun, especially if it is to a beautiful city like Amsterdam. Instead of reveling in the tourist attractions and partying, one generally ends up watching television or lounging around by the swimming pool.

Tourists, business travelers, students, and others who are travelling alone can avail the popular escort services of Amsterdam escort 4 U and check out the sights and sounds of the city with a beautiful escort for company. Our alluring escorts can also accompany you to your hotel room and turn it into an ecstasy-filled, sexually-charged sinful paradise. This is the fantasy of many and the ultimate way to end an eventful day!

The captivating escort girls at Amsterdam escort 4 U are playful, intellectual, charming, and full of fun. They will take you on a whirlwind tour of the city, one of the best that you can ever experience. They are aware of every nook and corner of the city, including its secrets, and will ensure that your time is well-spent. When you avail the services of our gorgeous escort girls, you will not only get to revel in the umpteen offerings of the city, but will also become the envy of your peers. The fact that these beauties can also be your sexual partner for the night in addition to being your personal tour guide of the city, makes for the best tourist package.

There are numerous attractions in Amsterdam which you can check out during the day as well as in the night. A few hotspots that you can fit into your schedule include the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam canal ring, Het Scheepvaart Museum, Begijnhof, Museum Amstelkring, Van Gogh Museum, Oude Kerk, Schuttersgalerij/Civic Guards Gallery, and Magere Brug. Do not miss out on the numerous and unique shows and exhibits like the Heineken Experience, The Amsterdam Dungeon, the House of Bols Genever Experience, Madame Tussauds, Xtra Cold Ice Bar, and the Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room.

Tour of the Red Light District: The escort beauties at Amsterdam escort 4 U can also take you to a tour of the very famous Red Light District in Amsterdam. This district is known for its numerous sex-shops, brothels, and the renowned window-prostitution.

Window prostitution is where sex-workers stand behind a glass window in sexy lingerie suggesting customers to come in. This glass-window room is bathed in red light as women tend to look more beautiful in such light. The sex-workers are their own masters, work on their own time, and do not need to report to a brothel owner. They only need to pay the rent! Most of these workers offer a quickie, which includes fellatio and intercourse, for about 50 Euros.

The difference between the escort services offered by Amsterdam escort 4 U and such window-sex-workers is the fact that our clients call us, while the latter solicit customers. Additionally, the services offered by window-sex workers is very limited, whereas our escort beauties are trained to offer a wide range of services, from acting as a tour guide to being a dominant!

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